July Entry

Now is the only time

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country”. I must have typed that sentence a thousand times when I was taking a typing class in High School. Today I think back on those days and reflect on what that statement actually means. What does it take to be a good man? What can any one man do for their country, their family, their neighbor or the world that they are born into? When I was younger, like many around me, I believed that to be a good man and come to the aid of one’s country meant enlisting and going off to join the fight to protect freedom in foreign lands. Today I believe something much different. Today I believe that being a good man, a good American, a good family man, friend or neighbor is much simpler and far more important than going off to some foreign land to spill the blood of others. Today I believe that being a good man begins in your heart and from there it radiates through to your home, your neighborhood and your business. Today I believe that we are all good men and some of us would like to be better men. This is why I became a Mason and I believe that they have kept true to their statement that they help make good men better. My involvement in my Lodge has made me a better person, at home and within my community. I am happy and proud to be a Mason and a member of the Fountain City Lodge #757. We meet every Friday around 6:30 PM at the Temple on North Broadway in Fountain City. If you have ever been curious about who we are and what we are about please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. As they say … To be one, ask one and we are always there to answer questions. If you are already a brother our stated meetings are on the first Friday of each month. Stop by and visit. We always love to meet, see or welcome known or unknown brethren.



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